Can’t find a job?

That’s because you don’t really want one..
I have little sympathy for most of those out of employment for months and months because 98% of them have requirements. Unless you have specific experience of which you’ll have a network and a good chance to find a new job you shouldn’t have a list of requirements for your job.

I’ve had to fend for myself since I was 17 and have changed jobs many times before I settled in my career but the maximum I’ve been out of work is 2 months.. How?

Determination and passion is all you need to succeed, if you want something you will get it. Simple.

I’m surrounded by jobless people who ‘have been looking for months for a job and applied for loads’ so they say.
But these same people wouldn’t travel 100 miles to the only job in the country if that’s all there was like I would, because benefits are too easy.

Here’s some tips for successful job hunting;
1. Apply apply apply.. On every website you can find, every role in the local newspapers get it the day it’s published to apply first!
2. Make yourself known.. Write letters to local businesses selling yourself.. Facebook posts asking for a job are not searching for a job! DIY!! I once drove around a whole business estate dropping in my CV and Covering letter.
3. Get on your bike, train, car whatever and drive to the biggest and nearest town.. London, Manchester, Newcastle etc it’s where the money is. Bored of, ‘I don’t want to commute so I refuse to work there’, you see requirements have no place here.
4. No one is too good.. to work in a supermarket. They always have jobs going, always, what makes you think your too good to work in a shop? Used to work in an office? Well you don’t anymore!
5. Persistence breaks Resistance applied before and rejected but now they have jobs? Apply again do you think they really keep your CV on file? No they’ll not remember you neither and if they do bonus.. Shows off your passion.
6. Recruitment agencies are not to be relied on.. Signed up with one agency and feel that’s enough? Leave it out! Get round them all, call them, email them, apply for jobs they have so they notice you and see your CV. You need to be registered with as many as you can find and persist!
7. Sign up for temporary work. you just need a step in, and once there you can ensure that role is needed in the business and voila permanent full time job is yours!
The other flip side is that you may be given a role you’ve never played before and so instantly you’ll have new experience and another alleyway to choose from!

Before I fell into my current career I did many jobs my first job was in McDs!! In between jobs I would do the above and at my worst time during the ‘credit crunch’ I applied for over 500 jobs on just one site to be replied to by probably 5 of them! (Secsinthecity used to record the amount of applications). There’s no excuse, I don’t want to hear it. Only you can make your life what it is, only you can help yourself.
Don’t be another benefit statistic!

Go go go!!

      • Indeed it has to be said. Few will hear the message. You clearly are one of the few. I like to surround myself with ‘the few’.
        You rock. Keep it up! :)

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