Gym Sloth

So I’ve done it, I’ve joined a gym. Not a fancy gym a council run gym in my local area although it does have 3 gyms to pick from so not all bad.

I signed up (it’s a minimum of 6 months taking me until Christmas) and went for my induction where they showed me what’s what. This was embarrassing to say the least it was me and another girl, the guy showed me how to use the the treadmill, cross trainer, rower etc. He made us do roughly 2 minutes on each but whilst doing so was chatting on, sounds friendly but not when you can’t breathe and your nostrils are flaring whilst your trying to take in extra air needed to style out the fact your dying of exhaustion!

We walked around the gym and went into the weights section which was just a meat market, and I mean old wrinkly meat euww. I’m not so sure ill venture into that section often. The dumbbells and kettle bells looked as though they had been there for a good few years or a small child had sat there picking all of the paint off. This is when the glamour of the council run gym kicked in!

I think I’ll stick to just using the cardio machines when I master how to use them. I was pushing backwards on the cross trainer during my induction embarrassing!
The next thing which proper put me on a downer was that myself and the other girl did our measurements and weight together to be recorded and compared to her I was a tower block! My measurements averaged 2-3 inches bigger than her and she was the weight I want to be ha! When I stepped on the scales they were 3 pounds heavier than what my home scales say! GULP! Shit! Desperate times now.
I didn’t actually do a gym session after that I went home and sulked like a fat chocolate eating baby.

I tried a few classes out at the gym previously because it’s pay as you go on classes, but I don’t know if it’s just me but I really inspect the teacher and if they still have podge I’m convinced that the class doesn’t work.. After all they do this how many times a week plus more! Spin was the worst, not because it made me sweat buckets, or because I felt like my legs were performing the cycling motion for hours after, but because of the pain. The pain of the seat digging into my noonie bones. I’m definitely bruised now! I do want to go back but I need to find out how to overcome this pain ouch!
Im on day 4 of my membership and it’s going great, one class down and the ‘I didn’t actually do anything induction’ just writing this as I nibble on some cheddar hating my protruding belly. So yeah, gyms going great!


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