Comfort Creations

Wow just wow. As someone who prides themselves in smelling nice I’m straight onto the band wagon when something new comes out for both the body and home.
I just have to try the new air freshener and yes I’m one of those who sprays them in the aisle then grabs one from the back.. Don’t we all?

I hadn’t actually seen these advertised but do my shopping online and thought these were something I had used before. These are the new fabric softeners by Comfort made by Unilever, they claim they are blended together by perfume experts but I wasn’t too bothered, and apparently has 100% more fragrance but they all give us this schpiel when they release something new, like how on earth can they fit more in a bottle?! I just hoped they smelt nice. I had used Comfort before, the pink strawberry and lily kiss was my favourite but move over pinky these have wowed me. I mean really wowed me, I’m not being paid to review products so you can trust exactly what I say.
I think they do other varieties but I tried both of these and my clothes smell amazing, my washing machine afterwards smell amazing and my tumble dryer is pushing out the strong smell around my house.
I washed my bed sheets with these and my dogs blanket and we all woke up smelling like these Comfort smells.
I really hope they don’t stop making these as I’m in love! I can’t stop smelling my clothes and just want to wash everything even if it doesn’t need it.
The Indian rose & Musk (lilac and red bottle) smells a bit like a rosé in the bottle and I do think if I smelt this in the shop I wouldn’t have bought it but this is my favourite it has a slight oriental perfume smell to it if you get me! I knew id like the sandalwood as it’s my favourite smell and I always tend to like candles etc with this in and this is slightly more fresher this is what I used on my bed and it clung to my hair all day.
It’s a 5 star review from me and I can’t wait to do more washing! Oh hail Comfort.


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