Today I was a..

Human Poop-a-Scoop not quite so glamorous as it might sound or does it? But I’m knackered. I haven’t got kids yet I do want them but I’m scared of the chores involved I’m not one for sick and blood in fact the sight scares me and for that fact alone I’m not excited for parenting.
However I do have small dogs, 3 of them – cute, loving, naughty dogs but I wouldn’t be without them.

For the past few days one of them hasn’t been too well leaving slimey parcels around the house, I even had some in the ensuite shower this morning. Nice. Secrectly I was half glad as this was the easiest one to get rid of bit of shower spray and Cif actifoam voila! Domestic Goddess at it’s best!

Taking them to the emergency vets last night was the worst 2am and I’m driving back with all 3 of them because I notice 2 of them were really not well and if I left the other he’d bark the house down! I reminisced about driving the same route what every Friday night 5 years ago car full of friends singing our hearts out and chomping on Mcdonalds after a night out… But nooo this is life now!

So I’ve hit a realisation now as I chuck on the PJs and creep into bed to try and catch up on my sleep and the husband chucks on the World Cup as England are playing, which delays my sleep even more that this is my life and this is who I am. The human poop-a-scoop whether it be in the garden with nappy bags or nursing my poorly dogs this is the working class, home owning, housewife modern girl.


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