So your probably wondering who I am?
Born in 1988 this makes me 26 in 2014, I was born in south London – the famous St Thomas’ hospital :) lived there for a few years in the ghetto council slumps of the Aylesbury estate, moved to Essex when I was 9 and then when I was 16 my mum moved to Newcastle I went there for a year decided it wasn’t for me and then moved to Kent where I still am! I’ve mostly always commuted to London to work and still do. I am married (was married at 23 in Vegas!) and now live in my own home (we’re on step 2 of the property ladder) a detached house in a cute little part of kent not far from Gravesend. I don’t really speak to my family after previous events.. Find out why when I try to release my book I’m currently scribbling.

I am extremely independent always have been ever since I was a teen and believe I’ve always had to do stuff on my own whether I’ve liked it or not even from a young age, now I’m used to it and thrive off my determination to succeed and give myself and my future children the best life ever.
If I want something I’ll strive to get it, I have some amazing things but Everything I have is my own and I worked for it, nothing I have is given to me on a plate.
I like to think I’m creative and dream of being an entrepreneur one day. I love being crafty, sometimes cooking (although not all of the time McDs is my fave) and am officially the queen of bling give me crystals and glitter and I’m in sparkle heaven!

Friends come and go, and so do family but you can always be true to yourself and never let anyone try and mould you to the person they want you to be. I have found this in my life, people not bothering as such and only 1 or 2 people excluding my husband know who I really am but yet the others feel they can dictate what I do. I’ll never be put off of something and will never listen if someone tries to ‘guide’ me away from something, unless I ask I’m not interested in anyone’s opinion sorry!

In my blog you will read the truth about what I discover or experience whether it be an amazing product to disgusting service or a funny/ridiculous moment I need to share you’ll read it all. Unlike other bloggers I’ll ensure if a product is bad you’ll know about it. I’ll not lie just because i receive a freebie!
I hope to inspire some, make most laugh and give you something to remember.
I don’t really tolerate abuse so if your not happy with something I write don’t visit again but if you want a friend for life I’m here too! 😘

Me and my husby and a beaut of a best friend!


I can scrub up ok!


My 3 perfect little dogs – Stan, Tiff and Vinnie.


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