So I’m well known for trying any possible weight loss miracle fad out there and am well known amongst work colleagues family & friends for trying these things, to which I’m now probably just a joke. No Matter what I suggest I just get a chuckle back! But there’s a reason I do this because like many other people I’m not happy with the chubby parts of this body I’m given, but I’m also too lazy/tired to hit the gym regularly! So here’s my low down;

Hollywood Cookie Diet – sounds like heaven. I tried the Oatmeal & Raisin flavour the deal is to eat one cookie for breakfast, morning snack, lunch then afternoon snack and a healthy dinner such as a tuna salad. I would eat my first cookie at 7am when I woke up and could last until 9:30ish when I’d be thinking about my next cookie. I could feel the sight sugar rush and the fact that the cookies are just cookies there was no fooling my mind I wanted a meal. The cookies were nice, had a bit of a stale gooey texture and perhaps tasted a tad like protein bars. After 3 days I’d lost nothing and just felt like using these as my bedtime snack instead!


Dukan Diet – I waited weeks for this book to arrive after reading all of the hype and links to the Duchess of Cambridge. Excited I bought eggs, cottage cheese, sliced sandwich meats & chicken. The day started ok with yoghurt and oat bran (weird texture would rather not have eaten this) and for lunch I packed in a tub; some boiled eggs, cold chicken drumsticks to eat with some cottage cheese. Lunchtime came around and I was a bit worried about opening my lunchbox in the office I just knew it would smell but will never forget the stench of boiled egg and cold meat and whilst my stomach was churning at this the texture of the cottage cheese… not to mention the visual image of cottage cheese juice smashing around my drumstick skin! Grosse. I threw this in the bin and went without food for lunch all I craved was some salad, this is forbidden on the first few days which to me this makes no sense. Dinner was easy, warm fresh chicken is much more easier to stomach but the next day I was stumped for a practical lunch so once again this diet was DITCHED. In my opinion only suitable for one who has a chef, lots of time at home or just can stomach anything in the name of weight loss.

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Slim Fast – Simple, the shakes tasted disguising I’d rather have followed the same diet but with protein shakes…sorry Slim Fast.



Celebrity Slim – I was mega excited to receive my package of 14 day shakes, snack bars and soups after spending nearly £100 on the stuff. When it arrived it was very Attractive black and pink packaging and a great selection of shake flavours! Day 1 I tried cookies & cream for breakfast- loved it! Not filling but I was at home so I kept busy.. Apple for mid morning snack and then a soup for lunch yum! Thumbs up for the flavours Celebrity Slim! I had a rocky road snack bar for mid afternoon snack wow amazing flavour! I tried this throughout the next day although I heated my morning shake (they say you can do this) it completely ruins the flavour I do not recommend! But by lunch I was starving… I know all about the whole body starvation and I felt this affected my work so I gave up.

Weight Watchers – ok so this was the most practical in my mind. Downloaded the App after signing up online (£10 per month) filled my online shopping basket with weight watchers products and I was off! I liked this because I didn’t have to go to the meetings, I didn’t want to be told I didn’t have to lose weight from other members or have the time to attend the meetings after work. The new pro-points is supposed to be a revolutionary new way to lose weight but to be honest I’d never tried before so can’t comment. I’d get up have something like peanut butter on warburtons thins (legendary filling brekkie :)) and then a salad for lunch and a Weight Watchers meal for dinner! It took a while to get into but I lost a steady 1-2lbs per week dropping about 10lbs over 3 months wahoo. Not quick enough but the easiest to stick to, I feel weight watchers is not just a diet but a change of how you eat. Unfortunately a holiday came by and I forgot about dieting and all my weight is back. And I’m finding it hard to stick to the 26 point daily allowance now.

Aspire weight loss drinks – Well I bought a whole crate of these babies – available online or from Holland & Barratt. Claim to burn 200 calories in 3 hours.. Well the taste was ok some kind of berry flavour not crammed with sugar so I thought wow what a winner hey ;) Whilst on Aspire I didn’t feel as famished as normal and weirdly felt happy because I was burning calories whilst sitting at my desk. I drank 1-2 of these a day and must say I lost 2lbs at the end of the week! I carried on with one a day whilst I remembered during my time on weight watchers and I’m sure it helped! Maybe in the mind but ill be re-ordering shortly!


Semtex weight loss tablets – Jodie Marsh fronts this brand ‘JST Jodie’ and I kept seeing all of this hype about these miracle weight loss supplements so I ordered some and couldn’t wait to try these. After refreshing the ‘sold out’ page for weeks I finally got my mitts on some, I started taking one a day being a bit sceptical about other weight loss tablets and the risks on the heart. My first at was great lots of energy, I even felt like going for a run…. But I didn’t but the thirst OMG the thirst I was dying needed water fast! I tried again on Day 2 but the same I couldn’t get enough water. No one else seems to admit to this side effect but jeez.. No more being in the #SemtexArmy for me!

So it wasn’t me who went and spent an extortionate £140 on some shakes, tablets and ‘fat burning’ tea, my husband did. Armed he came with green shiny bags ‘babe I got us some of this it’s amazing’ so off we tried. It consisted of a shake for breakfast, a tea for a mid morning snack, a shake for lunch then a healthy meal. Too marks for the taste particularly the apple and cinnamon and the cookies and cream yum! But come on £140!? Again I was dying of hunger, the recommended portions are so tiny I drank them in what 4 mouthfuls. We both stopped this diet after 2 days it’s just not realistic. The photos look great and the salaries of the herbalife distributors look even better but it’s just a pyramid scheme and again your better off buying a £35 protein shake and following those principles. Much lighter on the pocket!

Want me to try something for you? Happily! Send me your weight loss suggestions…. Although I can’t promise ill stick to them longer than a day ;) xx


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