I think I’m a minority because I get the weirdest stares when I cross-section my salad removing those frilly leaves from my salad bowl. My work colleagues give me a sideward glance judging me on my common-ness..
Rockets a gourmet food right? Pah! NO!
These leaves are like poison I know when I’m being punished for doing something out of line when I sit down pleased with my healthy purchase and having removed the rocket I bite down and gaaag the taste of poison erupts! And no matter how little chewing, how quickly or how much more other leaves I shove in, the taste just doesn’t go! How dare they hide and sneak onto my fork!
I strongly believe here that there should be a ‘free from’ rocket section in the salad aisles. Eating house salads which consist of boring iceberg lettuce tomatoes and cucumber gets a bit repetitive.
Am I alone?
Today’s experience of a superfood salad from M&S which was sooo nice filled with leaves and beans etc but seriously how much rocket do they want to shove in such a tiny bowl!

Protest against the rocket:



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