Yum! I love food, I’m not going to lie and with my new food intolerance diet I’m now on the hunt for good yeast, wheat, dairy free food! So here’s what I’ve found last week..

Sukrin bread mix wow! Now this bread mix is free from everything I can’t eat and more. No Gluten, Egg, Soya, Sugar, Wheat or Yeast! All you have to do is add water leave for 3 minutes then chuck in the oven for 1hr 20 in the tray provided. What it doesn’t tell you is that if you have a fan oven reduce the temperature or it’ll burn and be soggy inside. It’s a small loaf filled with seeds I don’t eat a lot of bread but find this satisfies my craving for a small taster of toast or meal accompaniment. I await Sukrin’s future products as I can’t find much variety yet but have so much faith in them.


M&S Posh Cheese on Toast one of my favourite breakfasts. You can’t beat cheese a bit of Worcester sauce (I use Lea & Perrins) grilled until bubbling. When I saw this product I wasn’t sure it’d compare but bought it anyway. Its a hard block which they say to leave out 10 mins before you use it but come on who can wait! So I crumbled off a bit and laid onto my Sukrin bread, grilled for a few minutes, careful it’s done quicker than the conventional way!
Wow! Amazing explosion of tastes I can taste the Worcester sauce, it has mustard in too which can’t be tasted.
Cheese is not too strong but strong enough to taste. I definitely recommend this product makes cheese on toast quick, easy and mess free.


Cadburys Marvellous Creations – Banana Caramel Crisp I saw Cadburys advertise this ok Facebook a few weeks ago but couldn’t find it anywhere, I searched every supermarket and shop possible but no couldn’t find it. I tweeted and commented on Facebook but still couldn’t find it!
I popped to the post office and there is was in the side shop hundreds of bars gleaming at me wahoo! I love the Jelly popping candy marvellous creations bar and this sounded similar so I had to try. It’s crispy pieces and chewy banana balls within the chocolate. My first few bites tasted like a standard dairy milk but as I carried on I reached the banana pieces yum! Strong and very candy-like the flavours complimented eachother very well. My the downside is that the banana pieces are slightly scarce even in a big share bar so it’s a treat when you get one. It’s a very close second from me behind my favourite Jelly popping candy!


Lotus Biscoff Spread I saw this whilst browsing the New section on Ocado which I do every week for inspiring ideas and usually end up adding an extra £20 to my bill. So I thought id try it anyway as I do love a bit of peanut butter. I wasn’t sure what to eat this with so I spread on a piece of buttered french stick. I’m a fan. It’s amazing. It’s like creamy biscuits that’s all I can say as that’s all it is. I’ve not tried the actual biscuits to compare the taste but it’s sweet and salty if your a salted caramel fan I think you’ll definitely love this. I do think the buttered bread was a good idea but it’s just as good on a spoon on it’s own straight from the jar. I think I’m going to include this in a cheesecake recipe one day soon. What’s even better is right now you can try for free just buy a jar and send off the coupon. I don’t think you’ll regret it..



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