I wanted some rollers for ages but realistically I’m too lazy but yet moan and long for bouffant, soft wavy hair with tons of volume. Typical.
So for the past year I’ve been eye-ing up Cloud Nine heated rollers called the ‘O’ but priced at £199 my laziness didn’t justify this spend. :(

Last week I bit the bullet and swallowed it excitedly ordering the gift set which included a storage/carry case, rollers in different sizes, clips, spray and the O Pod, linking it to some kind of orgasmic experience ‘Ooooo’ it was irresistible. However I went mad and ordered 4 extra large rollers as these were not included, clips to match and the recommended special offer of a magic spray which reduced during time (it does aswell!).


So I tried them today and after watching an online tutorial On how to put them in I was off, you put each one inside the pod and within seconds it beeps and are ready to put in your hair. There’s an indicator which starts to go red and once it fades to black they’re ready to take out wow!


I left them in for roughly 30 minutes whilst I sat in the garden in the fun for extra heat hehe and I’m wowed by the result, in no time at all I have salon quality bounce in my long hair! Never had this before so for now I feel ultimately glam and I’m ready to go face the joys of the supermarket bumper trollies to grab some pimms.. Who said being independent was dull?

I rate these 4.5/5 as I feel the larger clips don’t properly secure your hair when using the big rollers so I had to kind of balance them and not move!



Available here;

Wow just wow. As someone who prides themselves in smelling nice I’m straight onto the band wagon when something new comes out for both the body and home.
I just have to try the new air freshener and yes I’m one of those who sprays them in the aisle then grabs one from the back.. Don’t we all?

I hadn’t actually seen these advertised but do my shopping online and thought these were something I had used before. These are the new fabric softeners by Comfort made by Unilever, they claim they are blended together by perfume experts but I wasn’t too bothered, and apparently has 100% more fragrance but they all give us this schpiel when they release something new, like how on earth can they fit more in a bottle?! I just hoped they smelt nice. I had used Comfort before, the pink strawberry and lily kiss was my favourite but move over pinky these have wowed me. I mean really wowed me, I’m not being paid to review products so you can trust exactly what I say.
I think they do other varieties but I tried both of these and my clothes smell amazing, my washing machine afterwards smell amazing and my tumble dryer is pushing out the strong smell around my house.
I washed my bed sheets with these and my dogs blanket and we all woke up smelling like these Comfort smells.
I really hope they don’t stop making these as I’m in love! I can’t stop smelling my clothes and just want to wash everything even if it doesn’t need it.
The Indian rose & Musk (lilac and red bottle) smells a bit like a rosé in the bottle and I do think if I smelt this in the shop I wouldn’t have bought it but this is my favourite it has a slight oriental perfume smell to it if you get me! I knew id like the sandalwood as it’s my favourite smell and I always tend to like candles etc with this in and this is slightly more fresher this is what I used on my bed and it clung to my hair all day.
It’s a 5 star review from me and I can’t wait to do more washing! Oh hail Comfort.


I’m overly excited right now! I’ve convinced the husband to let me have a glittery wall in the bedroom!
I’ve been going on about it for ages and ordered some samples and I’m in love! As the queen of bling (I’m well known for it) this is a massive deal!

I’m I really want the silver but am going for a stardust white!


I’m in love with crushed velvet furniture and glitter wallpaper but so far am only allowed the glitter.. Except for my crushed velvet dining room chairs (I really wanted a velvet sofa).

Anyway check out The Best Wallpaper Place that’s a link to the glitter section, so far good customer service on both twitter and the phone. I’m about to place my order so ill update once the room is done hehe!



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